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comprising districts of Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay

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Rainy River District Municipal Association

We stand together for progress.  A great place to live.

The Rainy River District Municipal Association represents the municipalities in the Rainy River District.
  • Township of Alberton
  • Town of Atikokan
  • Township of Chapple
  • Township of Dawson
  • Township of Emo
  • Town of Fort Frances
  • Township of Lake of the Woods
  • Township of La Vallee
  • Township of Morley
  • Town of Rainy River
The objects of the Association are:
  • To consider matters of general interest to the members and to take united action as required to promote their interests;
  • To petition for the enactment of legislation advantageous to the members;
  • To promote the free exchange of information and mutual understanding among members;
  • To contribute to and support the activities of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association; and
  • To provide a forum wherein the above objects may be accomplished.


RRDMA Executive Members

President Valerie Pizey, Mayor, Township of Lake of the Woods;
Vice-President, Peter Spuzak, Councillor, Township of Alberton;
Member Ken Perry, Councillor, Town of Fort Frances;
Member Linda Armstrong, Mayor, Township of Dawson;
Member Debbie Ewald, Mayor, Town of Rainy River;
Member George Heyens, Reeve, Township of Morley;
Member Rilla Race, Councillor, Township of Emo;
Member Anthony Leek, Councillor of Emo; 
Member Mike McKinnon, Reeve, Township of La Vallee; and  
Member Dennis Brown, Mayor, Town of Atikokan
Alternate - Gary Jolicouer, Councillor, Township of Morley





Rainy River District Municipal Association
Glenn Treftlin
Phone:  (807) 274-5323
Fax: (807) 274-8479
E-mail: fort-frances%23com|gtreftlin

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Ontario Sencia Canada Ltd

Partnered with

Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce Northwestern Ontario Development Network