Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association - Census Collection Changes
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 For immediate release: July 15, 2010

THUNDER BAY – The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association is adding its name to the list of groups from across the country expressing concern about the recent Federal Census decision.

“The recent announcement that Statistics Canada will discontinue the use of the mandatory long-form questionnaire during the 2011 Census in favour of a voluntary National Household Survey is of great concern to NOMA members,” says Anne Krassilowsky, NOMA President.  “This Government decision is troubling because of its significant potential negative impact to our collective capacity to conduct reliable, accurate analysis of municipal issues.”

“It is our belief that a survey methodology that relies on voluntary responses will compromise the effectiveness of the data, as evidence indicates that a significant portion of Northwestern Ontario will be underrepresented.  While we recognize that the 2011 voluntary survey will be sent to more households (from one-fifth to one-third), the voluntary nature will make the data size and response unreliable and not to the accuracy required to ensure efficient and effective program delivery.”

Krassilowsky continues, “A lack of current, accurate Census data will be especially challenging in Northwestern Ontario where sufficient information has traditionally been less attainable, even with the previous mandatory collection system.”

In response to this Federal Government decision, the NOMA Board of Directors has passed the following resolution:  “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association calls on the Federal Government to reverse this decision immediately and return to the previously applied mandatory long form process for the 2011 National Census.”

NOMA represents the interests of municipalities from the City of Kenora in the west to the Township of Wawa in the east.  It provides leadership in advocating regional interests to all orders of government and other organizations.


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